Thank You for your well-wishes!

In early January 2013, I became very ill with Labyrinth-itus, which is a viral infection of the inner ear that affects balance. I was very disoriented and nauseous. A family member is a doctor in another state and she said my symptoms were consistent with Labyrinth-itus and it may take up to eight weeks to recover.

My illness was so severe, that I couldn’t get out of bed. A couple weeks later, I awoke one morning to find my entire right side was numb and useless. I had suffered a stroke to compound my problems. During my worst days at home, my family provided supportive care while I lay for hours at a time in a dark room without moving. I couldn’t tolerate lights without extreme nausea and vomiting bile from an empty stomach. My daughter Genevieve provided daytime care for me while my wife Margaret went to her office.

Then I got the horrible news that my wife was in a bad car crash and taken to the emergency room and her car was totaled. She was in the hospital for several days, with large black bruises all over and a cracked spine. She was released to go home and she was able to walk slowly and painfully, and resume caring for me.

After another week of little improvement, I was taken to a doctor and he immediately sent me for emergency hospitalization. After 4 brain scans, the team of doctors confirmed my stroke. Another doctor confirmed the Labyrinth-itus. Margaret stayed full time with me in my hospital room for 3 nights. I was also diagnosed with high blood sugar (the initial stage of diabetes). I was in very bad shape.

I was transferred by ambulance to a therapy center in Longmont CO, just a few minutes from my home. The numbness in my right leg was gone and I could stand and walk with a walker. Margaret visited me every day and reviewed my emails and helped me to respond to my clients and customers. I greatly appreciate all of your well wishes for me.

After a week, the doctor reviewed my physical skills and certified that I was well enough to return home (I was very eager to go home). The Labyrinth-itus is mostly gone now. My right hand and arm are still very numb and almost useless, but I can walk and maintain balance for a few minutes at a time. I am performing regular exercises to burn new neural paths in my brain. I am naturally right-handed, so they say that re-learning to use my right should be easier compared to re-learning my left hand.

I am not yet back to normal. I seem to feel better each day, yet regaining good use of my right hand will take a few months. I was unable to work on my products or respond to my customers for almost two months, so I am granting to all of my customers an extra 3 months of free updates for their purchased products.

There is something else that I want to share with all of you. I provide private consultation to wealthy persons (accredited investors) on a private referral basis. One of my current clients must refer you to me for consideration and the cost is significant. Also, many of my customers have asked for mentoring and I do not offer such services. I provide support for getting a product up and running, and I answer “simple” questions about the general business of real estate investing. One of my private clients has expressed an interest in teaming with me to start up a private group mentoring company. It is still in the planning stage. It will be a monthly fee-based membership website with online classes, downloadable videos, etc. There will be a private discussion forum where the members can exchange ideas, but we will absolutely not tolerate any spam or solicitations. If you screw-up just one time, then you’re banned without refund. There will be monthly meetings online and live (depending the number of interested folks who will pay for the meeting room at a local hotel) where we can freely exchange ideas and assist each other on our current projects.

Also, I was planning a new project to start in January 2013 with a documentary video to show how to create wealth and retire in 2 to 3 years with significant passive cash flow by following my new course “How to Pyramid Your Equity to Create Wealth and Financial Freedom” (at That project will be delayed for a few weeks, but I still have every intention for it.

Thank you for your support.

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