If you are a syndicator, or licensed real estate broker, or attorney, or accountant, or other credentialed professional specializing in residential properties (including apartment buildings), then I want to know about your deals!

I want to buy residential properties (including apartment buildings) to rehab and rent out for positive cash flow, or resell for a profit. I can buy residential properties that are distressed or move-in ready. I can buy on terms or all private cash, and I can close quickly after successful due diligence.

My offer will reflect the cost and structure of currently available financing according to what the property can afford to pay in its current condition and performance, and relative to our required profit and cash flow margins. If you’re uncomfortable with this, then don’t bother us because we are not a charity nor a greater fool. We are in this business to earn profit and that means we don’t pay retail prices or future pro-forma valuations. Be realistic in your expectations.

Just download my investment criteria and let me know through e-mail whenever you have a property that seems to fit. Please don’t waste my time or your time with deals that you don’t have under contract [something like a purchase contract, option contract, broker listing agreement, or fiduciary representation contract (like an attorney-client contract or a limited power of attorney agreement)]. If you are simply trying to insert yourself into a deal for which you have no legal credentials, then forget it. The more often you send crap to me, the more likely I’ll put you on a blacklist and ignore you.

I will not sign a buyer’s broker general exclusive right to buy agreement. If you are the first to bring to my attention a property that fits my criteria, then I will sign a single-transaction buyer’s broker exclusive right to buy agreement for that specific property.

Click here to download my investment criteria, which changes from time to time.

Click here to download a simple text file of keywords for searching for distressed sellers.