Wholesalers (Wholesale Sellers)

Are you a professional wholesaler? Can you find under-valued or distressed properties at bargain prices, get those properties under contract, get an “as repaired” appraisal, and get a professional “scope of work” estimate from an experienced general contractor, and then wholesale sell your contract for cash to a wholesale buyer like me or to my private list cash buyers?

I need help from great wholesalers. I have far more cash buyers than I have deals! Why keep 100% of a small pie, when you can have, say, 50% of a much larger pie? Let’s work together and equally split the wholesale fee.

Often when working with wholesalers who have assets under contract, we may elect to act as an independent contractor for the wholesaler and we will present those assets to our cash buyers in exchange for 50% of the wholesaler fee. For example, a wholesaler may have an asset under contract with a motivated seller for, say, $95,000 and offers that asset for sale at $110,000 (i.e., $15,000 wholesale mark-up fee). If we find a cash buyer for that asset, then the wholesaler would split the fee with us for $7,500 at closing.

Click here for more details on working with us as a wholesaler or a bulk asset seller (bank, hedge fund, etc.).

If you are just starting out as a wholesaler, then I suggest that you start on the right foot by using professional tools.

What’s the most common mistake made by amateurs in the real estate quick-turn business? Answer: Overpaying for the property! That leads to under improving the property, which leads to no buyers for the property, which leads to reducing the price until they lose money and go out of business!

You cannot go out of business by earning a profit!

If you have some experience in real estate construction or perhaps just handyman repairs, or maybe you know how to manage projects and you want to get into the lucrative business of quick-turn real estate, then you’ll want my professional Property Analysis Worksheet Short Form product for analyzing deals and then generating professional 1-page mail merge summaries. By just filling in the numbers that you get from your experienced general contractor, the spreadsheet calculates the Maximum Allowable Offer for fix-and-sell or fix-and-rent projects. This is how the professional wholesale sellers (wholesalers) calculate an Instant Analysis to make a verbal offer to the seller on the phone or a written offer.

My cash buyers ABSOLUTELY LOVE the 1-page professional summaries.

With a few quick keystrokes, you can generate 1-page PDF files from the mail merge templates to show to your private financier, the motivated seller, the refinance lender (for fix-and-rent projects). You can print out the Price Justification sheet to show to the motivated seller to justify your offer price. You can print out the project Quick-Turn Investment Summary to take to your local real estate investor club to see who would be interested in financing or partnering with you. You can generate PDF files and email those files to the seller, to your private financier, to your hard money lender, or to your wholesale buyer! Check out the sales page and watch the video tutorials.

If you are finding great wholesale deals and you want to wholesale sell them to wholesale buyers like me or to my private list of cash buyers, then you need to operate like a professional. Get my Property Analysis Worksheet Short Form product now. If you want to send deals to me, then I suggest that you first get my product and use it for all of the deals that you want to send to me. Then I’ll know that I am working with a professional and not a wannabe amateur. After you are comfortable using the product, contact me on my support page and tell me where I can sign up to receive your emails for your wholesale deals. We can work out a fair fee split so that you can close more deals with my list of private cash buyers!

Good luck and have fun!

Life is too short to get rich slowly!